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Thankyou for going to this website my name is really acky. I whanted to build a AMD website or a (pc) website becuase iam mad about pc,s. Also my friend which helped me do this you can visit his amazing car website which is ( has the most powerfull cars on his website well just about.
Any new up dates
Hopefully i will update my website every week depending on what new things have come out so you can get the most out of this website.And also i will try and help you if you are stuck with a choice if you are buying a new Pc and dont know where to go or what to choose!
AMD Athlon xp
This is a little image of the new AMD athlon xp the worlds most fastest processor

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements
please fell free to send me any questions about what you whant to find out or even help you to find the best Pc or upgarde for you all you need to do is send me an E-mail at the following adderess and i will return your answer in 24 hours.